Welcome to our shitty website (because we don't give a fuck about web layout anyway)

Someday, we found that there's no translated version of the "The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower" novel. When we found out, our leader said, "Fuck it, if no one does it, then I'll do it!", then throw the entire txt file (a whopping 144527 lines of texts!) into a machine translation and give it to us. We don't really know if the translation is good—in fact, we don't care. We only edited it to a minimum using apps like Grammarly™ and DeepL™, and then posted it here.

"Then, why the fuck you guys do it if you don't care?"

Because, fuck you, that's why. If you can do better than us, then do it yourself!

We're just translating so we at least know how the novel's story develops. Not for others, but for ourselves. So if you want to read (and accept the risk of mistranslation and others), please click the menu beside to see the chapters that we have translated.

OH! Almost forgot. We translated from chapter 113 first (same story as the last webtoon update when we write this) because our editor doesn't want to translate the already translated webtoon chapters.

Enjoy the shit-show!