113-118 – 천마(天魔)의 제자 (Heavenly Devil Disciple)

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113. Heavenly Devil Disciple (1)

"My lord ...... master, what is that ......!"

John Michael instinctively responded to her words, despite the extreme pain he suffered.

That would be--

"Why? Right? Hmm? You touched it?"

John Michael caught a glimpse of the woman's malice in the woman who made eye contact with him, the very eyes that looked down at him without emotion.

Her malice, tinged with hatred and anger - so he had to answer straightforwardly with a fading mind.


Seeing the look in her eyes, John Michael instinctively realized that he'll be killed by her when he made a mistake here.

So he kept looking for an answer.

"Who was the owner she was talking about?"

"Who did I touch?"

Thinking, thinking, thinking

As John Michael sped up his thoughts, something surfaced in his mind, maximizing his consciousness, which had become blurred by pain.

Perhaps it was a ridiculous idea.

But, given the time, that might be the case.

So John Michael shuddered and opened his mouth.

"Hey, maybe ...... you're talking about Hunter Kim Hyun Woo?"

John Michael's question.

The corners of her expressionless mouth began to emerge with a twisted smile.




John Michael became aware of a small dagger stuck in the back of his hand.


With his screams, bright red blood spurted out from all sides.

The bright red blood instantly stained the floor.

She smiled and replied.

"So you know after all?"

Her affirmation.

Then, in the desperation of the worst hypothesis he had ever imagined had come true, John dropped his head to the floor, covered in his own blood.

"Ugh, help me! Help me!"

Hearing his scream, she grinned and patted her head on the ground.

"Yeah, well, who gave you the information?"

"Help me! Help me! I really ...... really don't know anything! Please ...... please!"

"You don't know anything?"

"Yes! Yes! I really ......!"

"You really, really, really don't know anything?"

"Really, really ...... nothing, I don't know anything. Please ......"

John buried his head in the pit of blood he'd created to survive, but despite his pathetic appearance, she just stared at him expressionlessly and opened her mouth.

"No, no, don't do it!"

"...... Yes?"

"No, no?"



John Michael screamed, holding another dagger in his right hand, and she smiled.

"You know what? The article about the Master is 'tightly' controlled."

"Hey, what's that!"

He reacted to her words.


Without realizing it, he stopped talking.

John's gaze turned to her jacket.

Yes, it was the pattern on her jacket.

A triangle with an eye drawn on it, a pattern that would be strange to anyone.

'Wait, don't tell me ...!''

As soon as John saw that pattern, he looked up at her with a face that had forgotten even the pain, and she was looking at him with a weird smile.

And then-- then he realized.

"Oh .......!"

With that brief exclamation, he began to recall a conversation he'd once had with an AAC reporter like him.

Memories of the past flashed through John's mind.

The place I remember was the AAC reporter's room.

There were two people there.

One was John Michael.

The other was his colleague Roderick, who was the main reporter for the same AAC. The two men were chatting over coffee.

Yes, they were changing the information of Hyun-woo Kim.

No-- to be precise.

"Hey, whatever makes you think that's not surprising?"

Questions about Kim Hyun-woo. They were talking.

In John Michael's mind, the memory was replayed.

"What's so strange?"

'I mean Kim Hyun-woo. How did it all turn out to be such a heroic story?

Hearing John Michael's question, his colleague Roderick grinned.

"Why, because you did something praiseworthy and the hero story is spreading. You caught the warrior who slaughtered the hunters this time, didn't you?

'Yeah, right... . even so, isn't that too neat?

At the time, John clearly thought this was odd.

Journalists were initially 'reporters' who reported and edited the right information, but not now.

99% of journalists seek the right information for the right point of view, seek the money for the point of view, and therefore prefer false and provocative articles to the right and correct information.

So, John finds the situation strange.

"How can there be no conspiracy theories or provocative articles?"

It's journalists who create articles that don't exist for the sake of opinion. Large media outlets tend to be controlled, while smaller outlets are not.

Right now, he himself is deliberately fabricating and spreading articles for ratings and the status of a major AAC reporter.

Nonetheless, all the news from big media to small media are just heroic stories and myths about Kim Hyun-woo.

No false articles or conspiracy theories.

Yes, strange.

Of course, his concerns were overshadowed when Roderick, the colleague he spoke with, told him.

"Well, don't try to dig too deep."

"Why don't you dig too deep?"

"As I said, just follow the wind, that's all."

He said so, drank all his coffee, and then said.

"So please don't do anything weird in case you want to keep this job."

Hearing his colleague's words, Roderick gave him a strange look and wanted to speak, but he threw away his paper cup, saw if he had anything to do, and walked towards the outside of the lounge.

Then John could see.

'Eh? You... ...'


"You say it's barbaric to draw things on you, so why do you have a tattoo?"

The tattoo on his right forearm - in the shape of an eye.

He lowered the sleeve, which had been naturally raised at Michael's direction, and said.

"Well, it's a change of mood."

In those words. John Michael's flashback ended.

"Do you remember?"

Her voice trailed off.

John didn't answer.

He just shrugged and looked up at her.

Then he opened his mouth.

"Why ......."


"What the fuck are you doing with this kind of information control ......"

His question came out of his trembling mouth.

It was as if his entire body was about to lose consciousness from the intense pain, but even so, John couldn't contain his curiosity.


Information control.

It was very hard work.

The amount of money needed to fully control just by controlling very basic information is astronomical, and the time required is also very long.

Moreover, if it is not basic information but a celebrity like "Kim Hyun-woo," the difficulty increases dozens of times.

The amount of money consumed to control the information is huge.

The manpower needed to control the information is also huge.

Moreover, the information control of the "Kim Hyun-woo" group who kidnapped him was almost perfect.

No conspiracy theories

No scandals

Other than that, there were no negative articles at all.

So, while John was suspicious, she was getting scared of her.

He's afraid that someone in the U.S. could have such complete control over the world's media...

"Isn't it obvious? Because I am her disciple after all--"

John said she was purely showing-

"Can't let anything hurt the master even a little bit, can you?"

He cringed at that smile mixed with madness.


The wooden mask on his shoulder cackled and shook as she patted him on the head and said

"Well then - do you know what you've done wrong?"

"Hey! Ugh ...... please help me!"

Her every word was filled with fear.

However, she just smiled quietly.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you."

I didn't kill anyone who was dragged down like you from the beginning.


Behind her, a long line of men in suits began to form.

At first glance, they looked like five men.

"You have to be educated, I suppose?"

"Ah ...... ahhhhhhhhhh!"

She laughed at the sight of John screaming with all his might.


5 days later. The independent house in Cheonho-dong. 


[Ares Guild President 'Coward' actually allied with Mason? Shock-]

On the 3rd, the International Hunter Association learned that Mason, who had allied with the leader of the Warlord Guild "Coward" to carry out the 50 strong Muhsin massacre, had been killed.

Due to the sudden disappearance of Martenbrand, Coward, who is now the leader of the guild, was questioned whether he killed Martenbrand instead of missing it.

The questions began three days ago, when the coward -- (slightly)


Kim Hyun-woo nodded in satisfaction when he saw the article appear on the main overseas news.

Five days ago, after capturing Coward from the Hell Mantis, Kim Hyun Woo retrieved the black magic stone he had planted and handed him over to the International Association without further complications.

In any case, not only was it inconvenient for Kim Hyun-woo to kill Coward one by one, but it was because he thought Liam, rather than himself, would be better off burying him in society.

Liam, who had just won the International Hunter Association championship, was trying to build a back-up base and had to slowly put in new firewood, so he was happy with Coward, and this was the result.

"Well, I see you're doing a good job."

In the news, he was busy day after day spreading the word about the Ares Guild and Mason's relationship to the world.



"First of all, the basic staffing of the exclusive copy of this delivery has been completed."

"You did a good job."

As of yesterday, Kim Hyun Woo managed to steal 40% of the monopoly shares from the War God Guild.

Of course, thanks to that, there were more dungeons to manage, but Miron helped him without having to recruit the Guardians Guild again.

He glanced at Miron, who waved as if he was in a good mood. He turned his head to the black cloth and sword on the table.


Source of Evil of Imperfection

Grade: S+

Alignment: None

Skills: None

-Information Right-

Labyrinth gauge: 100%


[Now that you have filled all of the Labyrinth Gauge, you can cast Evil Spirit Power in a limited way "at once".

[Since the owner of the source failed to become a climber, the effect of the source has changed.]


A log rose up in front of his eyes.

A smile appeared at the corner of Kim Hyun Woo's mouth.

Because I am ready.

Kim Hyun Woo turned his gaze to the Sword of Heavenly Demons that he received from Kim Si Hyun and picked up the two items without hesitation.

Update log-

[Are you sure you want to use the Source of Evil Heaven for the 'Sword of Heavenly Demons'? Yes/No]

Kim Hyun Woo opened his mouth.

"My disciple."

"Yes, master."

"I'm going to a place for a while, take care of your dungeon in the meantime."


At Mi-ryung's question, Kim Hyun-woo thought about what to say and then answered with a smile.

"I have someone to see."

Kim Hyun-woo who said so utilized the source of evil-


Soon, the world changed.

The background changed.

Apparently, Kim Hyun-woo was in a small living room but now standing in the middle of a very large manor.

The soil was laid on the floor.

Surrounded by old-fashioned Chinese china.

And in such a changing world -


Kim Hyun Woo saw a man standing in the middle of the manor with an indifferent look, not-


- I can see the devil in the sky.